One of the urgent problems we are facing today is alarming decline of honey bees and other pollinators. Many causes are in suspicion, and proposed solutions involve development of organic farming and reduction of use of certain pesticides used in mainstream farming, such as neonicotinoids. However, these measures may be ineffective, not necessarily in their potency to solve the issue, but in the mere fact that due to political and economical reasons, we may not be able to effectively reduce these factors and we may face a situation when the mainstream (pesticide based) farming and organic farming will have to coexist side by side. So what we need is a Plan B for such scenario, that is, using scientific and technological means, to make bees pesticide resistant, to maintain their population and to prevent full extinction of bees.

Therefore, OSC has the following mission:

  1. Using science and technology, develop alternative ways to maintain and save the bees in any case, that is, regardless of whether reduction of pesticides such as neonicotinoids and other measures are in place and prove to be effective
  2.  Preserve and save the genome of honey bees and other pollinators
  3. Accumulate capital to conduct the necessary scientific research
  4. Collect information and provide content on topics of ecology, science, technology, finance, health, well-being and other correlating subjects
  5. Develop tech, info, media products to raise public awareness of the issue